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Handmade Home Furnishings + Decor

We are a husband and wife team (along with our two kids and family pets) that loves to design, create and build. We run our small business from our home and all our items are hand built by the two of us.

The McGarvey Workshop started in 2017 during our daughter's naptime and quickly grew from a cleaned out corner of our garage to a full blown woodshop in our basement.

Elevated Pet Bowls

Our elevated pet bowls are available in 3 sizes and can help create a more enjoyable mealtime for your pet.

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Handmade Crochet Hats. Various colors and sizes available.

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Mail Holders

Optimize your entryway with a selection of mail holders, key hooks and shelves.

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Pure NY Maple Syrup

Our family has been making Pure New York Maple Syrup on the same land in Western New York since the late 1960's. We produce all of our syrup in a sustainable and environmentally conscience manner. 

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Cedar Planters

Cedar has a natural resistance to moisture, decay and insects making it the perfect choice for long lasting beautiful planter boxes for you home.

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