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Welcome to The McGarvey Workshop. We are Neil and Krystal McGarvey.
Krystal started The McGarvey Workshop in 2017 during our daughters naptime on two wobbly sawhorses in a little cleaned out corner of our garage. Since then The McGarvey Workshop has grown and is now a full blown woodshop in our basement.
We balance woodworking with raising our 2 kids, making pure NY maple syrup, and spending as much time outdoors as we can. We run our small business from our home and all our items are hand built by the 2 of us. We primarily use material purchased from other locally owned small businesses for our products.

We design pieces to fit all styles and love creating custom items just for you. Each piece we make is one of a kind and built to order. We take great pride in our craftsmanship and love creating beautiful, quality handmade wood items for your home.